Awareness Regarding the Proposed Removal of Open Space

Boulder City staff have initiated a process to remove the protection of historically designated Open Space containing the Eastern Dakota Ridge trail and its environment – at the base of Mount Sanitas.
Trustees:  Open Space Board of Trustees is an independently board of citizen volunteers, appointed by City Council.  They can vote to recommend a removal or continuation of the Mt. Sanitas historic open space to City Council and the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. 
Developers:  Removal of open space designation would be a necessary legal step toward city approval of a developer-proposed high density commercial building complex, that includes building on approximately five acres of existing Open Space designated land:  311 Mapleton Avenue.
City Staff:  City Planning and Open Space Management staff (city employees) have provided a memorandum (attached) to Open Space Board of Trustees suggesting that the existing, pre-1977 Dakota Ridge Trail open space designation is of little value to the community for preservation.  Many citizens strongly disagree.
Citizens of Boulder and recreational users of Mount Sanitas open space are largely unaware of city staffs’ recommendations regarding the removal of the historic Eastern access to Mt. Sanitas trails and its environmental/ geological protection.  Proposed commercial development would destroy it.
The first Open Space Board Study Session is Wednesday, January 11 at 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers – 1739 Broadway, Boulder.  Citizens can observe, but not speak.  The meeting is scheduled to last two hours.
A show of citizen attendance for one hour will indicate to the Open Space Board and city staff that we are concerned regarding their coming decisions on whether to remove historic open space designated at Mt. Sanitas.
You can send emails stating your support for preservation of the Open Space designation for the Dakota Ridge Trail access to the following persons.  Please do so no later than Tuesday, January 10 – in time for reading before the January 11 Open Space Board Study Session at 6:00 pm.
Open Space Board of Trustees:  c/o Leah Case
City of Boulder Open Space Community Connections & Partnership Manager:  ‘Davison, Mark’ <>
City of Boulder, Senior Planner (case manager for 311 Mapleton):  Elaine McLaughlin