Mountain Lion Sightings

A lion killed and cached a deer off of the Goat Trail just west of Hawthorne.  A dog ran up to the lion and got into a scrape with it yesterday 3/1.  The dog appears to be okay and there was no evidence the lion was injured.  The lion has a GPS collar on it but the battery is dead and the study (the reason it was collared) is over so we made an attempt to immobilize it in order to remove the collar but were unsuccessful.  The lion was also observed with two kittens.  We removed the cache (which was almost all consumed) because of its location in between a busy trail and the city.
I don’t normally report sightings/activity on open space because that is lion habitat where we should expect lions to be but thought this was worth mentioning.  This particular area (Goat Trail) is frequently used by lions.  The rangers are requiring dogs to be on leash on this trail for now as the lion may return to check for the cache but I recommend always keeping your dogs on a leash, regardless of the leash status, especially on this property.  Unless your dog stays at your side or within arms reach you are taking a risk that they will approach and interact with wildlife.  I also received a report of a coyote in this same area a few weeks ago.